Sunday, June 19, 2016

More on the miniature store

Hubby and I are back at the cabin this weekend. We are even staying an extra day which is so fantastic.

I have been really busy working on the "store". As you can see I have glued the siding on the outside.

I brought a bunch of different kinds of letters so I could make the main sign. 

Hmmmm..... I think this one is too big.

This one is too small.

This one is the right size but it looks kinda boring.

Oooooo..... This one is just right!

Add a little color and I think I have the perfect sign.

I almost forgot.... I added the recessed frame for the front door. 

And I painted the door frame as well as the front siding and the roof for the porch. Well I have more painting and other stuff to get back to. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Over a Year In Miniature

Either this weekend or the next hubby and I will be heading to the cabin again. Hard to think that I have been working on this miniature craft store for over a year now. I have never spent so long on any project but the reason is because I really only get to put the store together when I am at the cabin. (I do put together some things at home.)

For example..... my desk which is a replica of the one I work at while at the cabin I actually have been constructing here at home over the past week.

Here is the best photo I could find down here at home of my desk up at the cabin. 

Here is the miniature that I have created of my desk. It doesn't have drawers on both sides because I had other things that I wanted to go next to the desk in the space I have available for it. (Yes I made the office chair and the drawer unit too.)

Here is a closeup of my computer that I made to go on the desk along with a keyboard, mouse, tablet and tablet pen. 

I am also working on a display unit that is similar to the ones at Stampeddler but you can't see it yet because it's not finished. Be sure and check back so you don't miss anything when I go up north again. 

New Classes Finally Posted

The new classes have been posted on the regular sight but I have been a little behind on the blog. Anyways they are now posted and you can see them by clicking on the page at the top that says "class schedule".

Here are some photos of upcoming classes.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Details of the Miniature Kind

So hubby and I are up north again and I am working on the miniature store/craft studio. I know it's been a while since I have posted about the store but the other times we were up here with friends and I had little time to work on it.

This is the checkout table that came with the store set but I didn't like the way it looked. 

So I made my own desk with a little cove to house the shopping baskets I found on-line.

Here it is all painted and varnished. I set it up with the cash register, baskets and the cordless phone. Now I just have to make or find a stapler, a credit card machine and all kinds of other essential "checkout" stuff.

Here it is with the back shelving unit installed and some of the trim molding around the floor painted and installed. I still have to paint the part under the shelves then I can move onto the next thing. Not sure what that will be yet but if I do get more done I'll be posting it tomorrow.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Classes Finally Here!

Sorry there was a little delay but there are scheduled now and you can call the store to sign up any time.

Here's some of the new classes I have available as well as some repeats like the Artful Alphabet and the Die Cuts 101. To see all the photos and scheduled times just click on the tab at the top that says "class schedule".

The Zentangle Feather

The Artistic Muse

Pencil Perfect

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Weekend of ART!

So my hubby and I were at the cabin this weekend along with his sister, her hubby and their 3 kids. Even with all the chaos I still had a little time to work on the miniature store/studio. It was a lot of sanding to get the porch posts to fit. (Actually they still aren't right.) And a lot of sanding on other stuff so it looks like not much was done. I did, however, get the top story back wall painted and glued in as well as the top stair rail. 

I also had time to hang a few things that I did on the last visit here for the kids and myself. 

These are 5" X 7" stencil collages that I did for each of the kids and they hang directly above each of their beds.

This is a collage I did to hang over my desk at the cabin. It is based on a class I took from Anna Dobrowski (not sure if it's spelled right.) I call it "My Artistic Muse" and she is supposed to watch over me and give me inspiration in time of artists block. ( I'm doing this as a new class next year.)

This is a painting that came with the cabin and they left it because the frame is extra deep so that it covers the old wood stove flue that sticks out of the wall. It originally had a painting of some deer that were lovingly hand painted by someone but alas they were not all that well done. I took out the old canvas and just painted right over it with some acrylic paints using the stencils I brought to make the kids artwork.

This is one I did last week at home and it was an idea I had for the stencil collage technique. Instead of using color to stencil over color I painted the background with color but I stenciled the foreground all in white. I think it came out really great and this might become a class too. (Be sure and let me know what you think.)

My little art corner is becoming quite inviting and I have more ideas to fill the empty spaces.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

More Gluing and Patching

I know I just published the last post a few minutes ago but it was actually done at about 9am. I thought hit the publish button but I must not have. Anyways as you can see here I have second floor installed now. 

Complete with a tin ceiling and of course the upper floor has walnut planking as well. Since the staircase is slightly crooked I am seeing all kind of gaps that I will have to cover with baseboards around the bottom edge. (Ughkkkk!!.... Another tedious job awaits me.)